Biography of Ralph Burch

PFC, Co G, 175th Inf Regt, 29th Div, USA

    Pfc Ralph Burch is a great man. He was a part of the largest invasion ever known in history...D-Day on June 6th, 1944. He was a P.O.W. in World War II. He was captured on June 13, 1944 around 7:00 a.m. by the all started when four Germans started shooting at his his group (29th Division --Bradley, 175th Infantry Company G) and 8 of their men were killed and 4 Germans were killed. After the shooting was over their Colonel tied a white flag onto his rifle and surrendered to the Germans. After they were captured they were sent to a camp in France (I think) called "Starvation Hill", he was there for 2 weeks. He now knows why they call it "Starvation Hill" he said he was starving all the time cause all they fed them was watered down soup. Then at one point they marched till they came to a train that they loaded up on....40 men to a car. Everytime the train started moving, the Americans, not knowing, would bomb the train with the American P.O.W.s on it. So the train sat there for 21 days without moving. Finally the train started moving and stopped in Stuttgart, Germany, to disembark. The prisoners got off the train and there ended up being 600 other men on there. Stuttgart was a prison camp and they stayed there for about 2 weeks. I remember my grandpa saying that there were about a thousand men there and one day they lined up and they picked 28 grandpa being one of them and sent them off on a train to Lindenburg, Germany to work in a Kraft Cheese Factory. Finally, he was set free and came home to be with his family.




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