Biography of Paul J. Conway

109th Inf Regt, 28th Inf Div, USAR

    My Dad, Paul J. Conway, was in the 109th Infantry 28th division. My Dad was Paul J. Conway. He joined the Reserves in Scranton, PA.. My father was 1 of 12 children. There were 9 boys---6 served in the war. All of them came home.

     Apparently when he was advancing, his troop was going to blow up this barn -- after searching, he found his older brother was with his troop hiding in the barn. Reunion was posted in paper. Dad rarely talked but this was one story I remembered well. His brother's name was Gerard Conway--I am not sure of his company. Gerard is still with us.

     Dad died 1988. After the war he married Dorothy McAndrew and moved to Buffalo, NY. I am his first daughter Carol Ann, I have 3 sisters. Dad kept trying for a boy!

      I would love to hear from anyone who was in the 109thInfantry 28th division.




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