Biography of Kenneth Harland Gassert

Pvt., 141st Inf. Regt., 36th Inf. Div., U.S.A.

      Private Kenneth Harland Gassert was Killed 1/21/44 on the Rapido River before Monte Cassino in Italy. I am the youngest of 9 children and Ken was the oldest. The last time I seen Ken he was home for 48 hrs. and he came to my school and took me from my 1st grade class to spend the day with him and the other members of the family who where home. My brother Merdith was in the Navy and was not at home. I remember the day the telegram came to the house and my nightmare begain. I am now 61 and still have dreams of him. I need to know that he did not suffer, I know this is an impossible task. I was told at one time that Gen Mark Clark made an error by sending the 141 infantry into a trap, he knew it was a trap but sent them anyway. In the mid 1950 Gen Mark Clark daughter married someone from our area that we knew and we where invited to the wedding. My Mother and Farther went to the wedding and my mom was ready to scratch his eye out if she could get close enough. Of course this never happned but they didn't stay long and he would not talk to my parents. Please if anyone know what happened on Jan 21 1944 please let me know



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