Fresh Lieutenant

       I was in the hosp in Africa recovering from an injury. A 2nd lieutenant who was fresh from the states asked me if I had been in combat and when I replied yes, he asked me how it was. My reply was that I hated to see all those young 18, & 19 year old kids getting hurt or killed. He replied he was 20 and was not a kid. By that time I was a thousand year old 20 year old. I always thought it was kind of funny. I spent from July 1944 to my discharge in Nov. 1944, because of injuries. Was in the invasion of Africa, Sicely, Italy and Anzio. Anzio sent me to the Hospital in Naples from February until last of June when I was sent back to the states. It Took us 30 days from Anzio to Norfolk Virginia. Our ship was having trouble and could only pull 8 knots an hour, so the convoy left us. Its a mighty big ocean alone in war time.

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Biography of Jess S. Brooks , Co M, 15th Inf Regt, 3rd Inf Div/Co D, 18th Inf Regt, 1st Inf Div, USA

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