Biography of Leo C. Kreigh, Jr.

CCC Man, Company 210, Katonah NY & Carmel Camp, NY & Sea Girt Camp, NJ, Company 2211, Camp AF-2, Fort Dix, NJ

PFC, U.S.S. Ernest Hinds, US Army

          In 1940 my family all lived in Commack, Long Island, New York. I was about 8 years old at the time. Leo C. Kreigh, Jr., my oldest brother, joined the CCC's at Garden City, New York in September 1940 when he was between 16 and 17 years old. From there he went to upstate New York to Kotonah Camp. He was there to about April 1941 and was transferred to Carmel Camp. Maybe it was 35 miles above Katonah. Leo was there a little while and then he was transferred to Cornwall on the Hudson Camp. It was about 10 miles from West Point.

          Sometimes in May 1941, Leo was transferred to Sea Girt, New Jersey Camp. While at Sea Girt he had a `37 Dodge truck that he drove on work detail. After being at Sea Girt a month he was transferred to Fort Dix. The CCC had a camp right on the Army Base. Leo was the transferred to the medical department. Just him and the Doctor, a Lieutenant, were in this infirmary type hospital. Leo had a room of his own. He also drove a `38 Chevy Panel truck ambulance. He would make trips to some place called Canal Street in New York City.

          I can remember Leo having two long stripes on his left arm of his blue green uniform. I sure would like to know what this rank was called. September 1941 he was discharged from the CCC.

          March 1943 Leo was drafted into the Army. He was transferred to the Medical Corps aboard an Army Hospital ship, the Ernest Hinds.

          In late 1945 Leo was discharged as a P.F.C., private first class.

----- George Kreigh

Curator's Note:  I referenced the CCC Camp listing on the NACCA site. The Kotonah is not listed as a CCC site, so I presume it is Katonah, NY which gives us the Company and Camp as noted in the caption. There is no listing of camps in Carmel or Sea Girt so I can not identify those camps, they probably were known by other bigger town names by the CCCs and are listed differently.  Fort Dix was the site of several camps, but one was colored, one was WWI veterans and the other was nearer Pemberton than Fort Dix.  The company number given in the caption was the only one therefore that seems to be the right camp.




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