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Books on World War Two


Bent Wings - F4U Corsair Action & Accidents: True Tales of Trail & Terror! By Former Navy fighter pilot Fred Blechman's book,  is among the top ten best sellers of the almost 3000 books offered by his publisher, Xlibris. This 376-page softcover 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" book has 43 stories by Fred and nine other former Corsair pilots, 20 photos and illustrations, 23 actual accident reports, 3 appendices, and a detailed index. It covers WWII and Korean combat, as well as peacetime, and includes descriptions of aircraft carrier operations from the old "straight-deck" carriers.  Fred offers the book personally autographed, postpaid USA, for $18. See his website at www.expage.com/bentwings, or call (818) 346-7024 9AM-5PM Pacific Time 7-days, or e-mail fblechman@juno.com

Best Little Stories of WWII, by C.Brian Kelly, National Historical Society Collection @ 800-358-6327. Item: WBSM. Contains, among other items, a story by one of our 20FG Aces, Harley Brown, wrote one of the best short 2pg storys about individual combat that I have ever seen. The story is short, but covers how he tought himself how to fight his Mustang and how he used this to outfight a very tough German and how he did that. I have always wished I had had it when teaching new trainees. $15. Check Six! Capt. Art Heiden, 20th FG WWII

The Bigg's Boys, an Online Book of related RAF Biographies, by Ken Stofer. Out of print, but available here online. Book of some 30 biographies of men who went from Canada to fly with the RAF.

Heavy Bombers of the Mighty Eighth by Paul M. Andrews and William H. Adams. This is a compilation on many of the 8th AF B-17's and B-24's by SN and nickname for the 8th AF Bomb Groups. Published by the 8th Air Force Historical Society, AFHS. You should be able to find out there cost and availability by calling the 8th AFHS Information Manager, Edward A. Kueppers at 1-(800) 833-1942

How a Ninety Day Wonder Survived the War, Charles D. Curley, Jr. Major-USAR-Ret. The story of a rifle platoon leader in the 38th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division during WWII. This book chronicles the authors experiences as a WWII draftee that received appointment to O.C.S. at Fort Benning, GA in 1943.After his commission as Lieutenant, (A 90 DAY WONDER) the first assignment was with the 97th. Inf. Div. then in Louisiana. Shortly there after, he shipped overseas, and attached to the 2nd. Inf. Div. in Wales. He recounts the crossing of the English channel, then landing on Omaha Beach after D-Day, seeing the carnage of war. His next assignment was with the 38th. Inf. Regt. as 1st. platoon leader of E Co. replacing its former wouded officer. From this point forward, he details the intense training with tanks used to breach hedge rows in France. His documentation of attack on hill 192 in Normandy are vividly written. His platoon's encounters with German paratroopers defending the hill are incredible. The fight continues through Normandy, then Brittany,and Brest, France. His platoon gains valuable combat experience, and is counted on formore difficult tasks.The author and his men take part in breaking the "little known Parisian Black Market" a gang of thieves, robbing train shipments of goods to allied forces. Later his platoon moves back into the thick of fighting, in the Schenee-Eifel mountains.The men of E Co. were in the maelstrom of the German attack, known as the BATTLE OF THE BULGE. Historians will likely say," The 2nd Division was vital in thwarting the German march toward Liege". E Co moved rapidly across Rhine river, then through Germany. Many interesting stories are related, some relative to command decisions, the author had part in, because of his out front position. As the story climaxes, with the author an his men in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia where they meet our Russian allies. Finally the trip home. It is hoped these details will enlighten some little known facts for following historians. $16.95 from author plus shipping. E38th@aol.com

I SAW IT THROUGH $15.00 pp. I tell all. Paper-back 300 plus pages plus BW pictures. 292 consective days in combat , Wounded 35 miles from Berlin at Wittenburg, Ger. at the Elbe River. 1st 3rd, and 9 th armies. 83 Inf. Div. ( Thunderbolt ) 331st , Co's H & F. You can contact me at Jonw3ojx@aol.com

Missing Planes of the 452nd Bomb Group is the result of years of research and correspondence by Ed Hinrichs, who himself flew 30 combat missions over Germany in World War II. It has been continually updated as new facts became available. Click on link in name to see excerpt and how to order.

Sharpie, the Life Story of Evelyn Sharp, Nebraska's Aviatrix A biography of a female pilot from World War Two.  Many women flew military planes as test and ferry pilots, and a good number died.  The link is to a review by P38 Ace, Capt. Art Heiden. ISBN: 1-886225-16-8 Dageford Publishing, Lincoln, NE. Ph: 402-475-1123

Stories of the 452nd Bomb Group (by the Men Who Lived Them) is a compilation of 23 stories written by the men who lived them. These unique stories are the result of Mr. Hinrichs' correspondence with fellow members of the 452nd while researching Missing Planes. Stories of the 452nd Bomb Group also includes never-before-published details of the Brux Czechoslovakia raid, where the group had half of their bombers shot down, and details of the April 7, 1945 mission--the only day the Germans used suicide planes. More information about this book, including an excerpt and ordering instructions, is available at link in name above.

The B-24/PB4Y in Combat by Rhodes F. Arnold, P.O. Box 55429, Metairie, LA 70055

The Mighty Eighth Combat Chronology Supplement" also by Andrews and Adams. This is a tabulation of 8th AF Plane/Crew Losses by date of loss mostly while on Operational Missions. Published by the 8th Air Force Historical Society, AFHS. You should be able to find out there cost and availability by calling the 8th AFHS Information Manager, Edward A. Kueppers at 1-(800) 833-1942

The Mighty Eighth Roll of Honor also by Andrews and Adams. This is a tabulation of most of the Aircrews KIA or MIA while on Operational Missions. Published by the 8th Air Force Historical Society, AFHS. You should be able to find out there cost and availability by calling the 8th AFHS Information Manager, Edward A. Kueppers at 1-(800) 833-1942

The Pacific War 1941-1945, John Costello, Quill Publishing NY (also Rawson Wade 1981) 1982 paperback 741pp., A one Volume account of cuases and conduct of the War against the Japanese. Curator's Review:  Decent work, has some typos and some inexcusable errors in place descriptions (saying "West of" when meaning East for instance). Probably for space reasons Lacks some detail or sometimes any mention of matters I would consider highly relevant. Still a decent one volume history.

Project 19, A Mission Most Secret , John W. Swancara. World War II was two years old and America was still described as a "non-combatant and neutral nation." By the early fall of 1941, Britain was being pushed to the brink of disaster in North Africa. Time was running out and so were the combat ready planes of Britain and its allies. Churchill asked Roosevelt for "some help." Roosevelt responded by authorizing a secret mission. Build an Air Depot, to be operated by American Civilian volunteers under the direction of Douglas Aircraft Company. It would be classified "Secret" and given the title of "Project 19". Its location was 1,100 miles from the ever changing front lines in remote Eritrea, Ethiopia. This depot repaired hundreds of worn out and combat damaged "lend lease" P-40 fighters for the RAF. Then went on to repair many heavily used USAAF C-47 transports, assemble and deliver hundreds of new P-40s for the arriving USAAF Fighter Squadrons and rebuild dozens of combat damaged B-17s and B-24s. What did this secret project accomplish? What became of it? Read this Aviation Adventure story that took 6 years of research, personal interviews and sleuthing to assemble into 304 pages of history, combat accounts, with 150 plus photographs. A True Story! Available Now! Autographed Copies from the Author John Swancara. Available in hardcover ($25) and soft cover ($19). Add $2.50 postage and handling for first copy, and an additional $1.00 for each book thereafter. Include pertinent information if autograph is desired. Also include numbers and types of books desired as well as your name address and day time phone number. Checks are to be made payable to John W. Swancara, 5 Honey Suckle Ridge Road, Pisgah Forest, NC 28768.

RAF Wings Over Florida, Will Largent, 1998, 170pp, link is to site selling book on RAF training in Florida in World War Two. Available free in electronic format or in hard-copy version for $US22 in the U.K.

Wing Ding, A Tail Gunner's Story, Eugene T. Carson, 506th Bmb Squadron, 388th Bmb Group, An Army cook wragles his way into the Air Corps and winds up completing a tour of duty as a B17 Tail Gunner in the 8th Air Force. He's then free to go home, but his twin brother is shot down and missing, so he stays for another tour somehow hoping to find his brother. His brother, a POW, and he survive the war and go on to become Colonels, fighting America's until retirement. An excellent tale from the tail of a b17, and true.

Historical Fiction

The Triumph and the Glory is about a B-17 pilot whose war experiences symbolize the heroism of ALL of the combat crews who wrote such a shining chapter in American history in the skies over Hitler's Germany. Author: Steven Edward Rustad, Rustad2@prodigy.net


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