Biography of Jack Percy Anderson

CCCman, Company 869, SCS Camp, Farmersville, Texas

     I was 18 years old when I enlisted in the C.C.C.. I had just graduated from High School in May 1934. In July 1934 I enlisted in the CCC. I signed as drought relief for 3 months. Enlisted for 6 more months in October 1934. I was in for 9 months July 1934 to April 1935. Then received my discharge.

     Three or four boys I knew at the time joined the CCCs.  Boys that I knew were going to Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, etc. Three other boys joined when I did, they were 5 to 6 years older than me. Our group went to Farmersville, Texas, 19 miles north of Rockwall. It was OK for week end passes, but not exactly going out of State.

     I was in Company 869. I don't remember a name for our camp. I don't remember how many boys were in our camp 869. Quite a few from towns in East Texas. 

     We built dams and spillways for soil erosion on farms. These dams were built in a line on different farms in the area, to take care of soil erosion. The dam forms were made of wood and filled with concrete. When the concrete was dry, the wood forms were removed.

     The pay was $30.00 a month. 25 Dollars was sent home. We drew $5.00 a month. We lived in barracks. A place to eat and sleep. Had our own army clothes, shoes etc.. Times were hard in those days.

     As a rule I went home on weekend passes. Recreation in camp was playing table tennis or ping pong. I also learned to play poker with matches. We all had matches to light our roll your own cigarettes. We had no lighter or a watch then. A man's handshake and word was for real. Proud, Patriotic and Poor.

     I don't recall all the names. But I do remember our Captain was Captain McCuen. We had a foreman named Littlepage. Man that was 66 years ago. I am now 84 years old.

----- Jack Anderson




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