Biography of Harry Bender

Enrollee, Unknown Company, Jockey Hollow Morristown, New Jersey

   I 'm Harry Bender and I joined the CCC's in 1938.

   I was stationed in Morristown, NJ, signed in as a truck driver. The area I was assigned to was Jockey Hollow Park and Washington's Headquarters. The trees were very dense and when I was trying to turn around, I put a dent in the fender. When I returned to the camp motor pool, I told them of what had happened, and I was suspended for a month. They informed me that the person in charge of making lunches was separated, and I would be the new sandwich man, which I was for a month. I was suspended though because I used 2 months of rations on the sandwiches in one month. Then I was sent back to driving my truck, and when the fellas saw me, they were so sorry because that meant the end of the nice sandwiches I had made.

   I do have to say that I have never enjoyed anything better than becoming a member of the CCC. So I guess that's about it, and I will say "So long."

----- Harry Bender


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