Biography of John Daly

CCCMan, Enrollee, Company 2746, Camp SCS-3 Alcester, South Dakota & Walcott, Arkansas

   I was in the CCC Camp #2746. When I first went in I was in the Black Hills of South Dakota at Tigerville camp, for only two weeks, then we were shipped to Alcester, South Dakota (Curators Note per NACCCA States listing this would appear to be camp SCS-3). We were there for six weeks where we built little erosion dams in farmers fields to stop the erosion. There were little gullys in the farmers fields.

   Then we were shipped to Walcott, Ark (Curators Note per NACCCA States listing this might be Camp SP-4, 14 miles away from Crowleys Ridge but the entry is from 1936 and is with Company 3799. NACCCA may have missed Co. 2746 camp). This was in 1934. In Arkansas we worked at Crowleys Ridge State Park where we made roads, side walks, and built log buildings and a bath house as there was a nice clear spring fed lake in the park. We also built a lookout tower out of logs.

Building a Look Out Tower at Crowleys Ridge State Park at Walcott, Ark. Camp 2746. I'm (John Daly) 3rd from the right.

We made walkways all around this spring fed lake. The camp is in the background. Camp #2746 Walcott, Ark. Crowleys Ridge State Park Walcott, Ark.

This was a Cotton Gin Next to Camp in Walcott, AR Interesting to watch for Northern boys.

This family went by every Sunday going to church. They didn't miss many Sundays. This was the way most of them travel down here.

This is a family home between camp and the town of Walcott across the road from our camp #2746

Another "hillbilly" farm down the road a ways from camp #2746

   If I remember right there were around 230 boys in the camp. Camp 2746. It was crowded so 8 of us slept in a tent. It had a little wood stove in it if we needed heat. We made good friends with lots of the boys. When I left camp one real close friend said lets keep in touch. We sent Christmas cards back and forth for 63 years until he passed away. He stayed in after I left and then served in World War 2. He was in the Veterans Administration in Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Some photos of the men of the camp are below.

   The CCC was a real lift for the boys in the depression years of the 1930's.

   I'm 88 years old now but still remember the CCC's and Crowleys Ridge State Park. In the 1960's we went on a vacation trip through the south and I drove all around the old camp ground, all the camp buildings were gone. But we drove through the park and seen where I worked.

- John Daly

Submitted by US Mail 2001

Photos of a few of the men of Company 2746, Walcott, Arkansas

Alvin Zastrow, Columbia, SD, in Camp Ark, Walcott, CCC#2746

Carl Bohling, Columbia, SD, in Camp #2746 Walcott, Ark.

Woodrow Emery (Woody Emery) Barnard, SD, Camp 2746 Walcott Ark.

Richard Bender Leola, SD Camp 2746 Walcott, Ark.

End of Photos

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