Biography of William Livingston

Enrollee, Company 1195, Camp S-54, Hadden, CT

PFC, 1st Marine Division, USMC, Guadalcanal, WWII

   I was a member of 1195th Co. CCC Hadden, Connecticut. The year was 1938, we were paid $30.00 per month....$22.00 was sent to your home, they took out $.50 cents for your laundry, $5.00 for a PX book and gave you $2.50 in was the best thing FDR ever took us kids off the streets and did a lot to make men out of boys. The food was very good, we worked outside in the woods, cutting down dead trees, fighting fires, building roads, etc.

Bill Livingston 11195th Co CCC Hadden, Connecticut, 1938

   On Friday nights we had boxing, three rounds...1 full carton cigs. if you won, ½ carton if you lost.

   Also every Friday we had either the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Corps, and US Marine Corps give us a pitch to join up...I picked the US Marines. When I first went into the Marines my pay was $21.00 a month. We were paid more in the CCC and the food was a hell of a lot better.

   In the Marines I saw for years of service with 2 ½ years overseas with the 1st Marine Div...amd saw action from Guadalcanal on up, about ½ the men that I was with in the Marines were in the CCC.

PFC Bill Livingston, USMC 12-18-41 to 12-24-45 2 ½ years overseas

   The photograph above is me, PFC Bill Livingston just back from 2 ½ years of blood shit and more shit....Take a good look at the photo and you can tell I was happy to get back in action. (I was hit three times).

   After the war I went to the Univeristy of Massachussetts unde the PL 16 for Disabled Veterans. After that I spent my life as a Golf Course Superintendent. On January 8th 2004 I was 83 years old.

CCC Song

The Coffee that they give you they say is mighty fine,

Its Good for cuts and bruises as good as Iodine.

Now you take a trip to the shit house and its nice and cozey thair,

The wind blows up your asshole and tickles your curly hair

Now the Payroll that they give you they say is might fine,

They pay you $30,00 and fine you twenty nine.

I dont want any more of the CCC,

Gee I want to Go Home!!!!!!!!!!

----- Bill Livingston


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