Biography of Bernard L. Rice

Marine, USMC

Retired, USAFR, USAF

CCC Neighbor

   I'm Bernard L Rice. I now in St. Pete Florida. Retired with thirty years military, first Marine Corps 1945 to 1946 then 1951- 1962 Air Force Reserves at nig falls air base, went on active duty 1962 to 1981 with Air Force.

   But back to the CCC. When I was 13 years old the CCC was clearing out all of the woods on Lewis Road and the woods on Center Street in the townships of Colden N.Y. and Holland N.Y. and also Emery Park.

   And back to what I remember about the CCC and my family, we lived on Lewis Road on the Alard Farm. When the men came to our houes to get spring water, my mother Ida Rice gave the men some home made bread and home made pies. I was surprised the next day they caught some some wild rabbits, my mother fryed them for the men. This went on for four months. They were working all along the farms. They also caught a wild turkey, which my mom roasted for them. I still remember how nice those woods looked. They should do that today and they wouldn't have as many forest fires. They put in fire breaks and planted trees. I have alot of fond memories of the CCC. When the war started the men of the CCC were put in the service.

------ Benard L. Rice


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