Biography of Beurnis W. Sherrod

Enrollee, Co. 880, Patroon, Texas, Co. 2887, Camp F-18-T, Milam, Texas


   I enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps on 10-14-1936 and being assigned first to Company 880 at Patroon, Texas. Later I was assigned to Company 2887 and sent to a new camp.

   I got into the CCC camp. It was something President Roosevelt started to help poor people. Young boys could join it for six months or more. The boys worked for the government and got $5.00 themselves and they sent $25.00 home to their parents. I was stationed at Milam, TX and we worked on roads and set out small pine trees in the Sabine National Forest. I enjoyed being in the CCC, but got homesick because I had never been away from home much.

   When I first got into the CCC, the boys already in the camp were going to run the new guys through the belt line. They thought they would have some fun out of the new guys in camp. They were disappointed because I told them there were as many new guys as there were old, so why should we take a belt licking. They got one of the new guys to watch the flag pole all night. They had one guard the toilet and not let anyone in without a pass. One boy had been taking medicine and was in a hurry and had a hard time getting the new boy to understand that they were playing a prank on him and there were no passes.

   I stayed in the camp about a year and got something wrong with my feet. My feet swelled so that I could not move my toes. The doctor at the camp did not know what was wrong so the best doctor the army had came and looked at me. He said if I did not go to Ft. Sam Houston hospital and be treated, six weeks would be a long time for me to live. I didn’t want to go to the hospital, so I came home, being discharged on 04-29-1937. A while after that one of the boys was in on leave and saw me. When he went back, the doctor asked him if the Sherrod boy had died. He told him no, that I looked fine.

(This was taken out of a life story written by my dad. He died in 2001.)

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