Biography of Charles Vexil Domus Weisgerber

2nd Lt., CCC Paymaster, 114th Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division, New Jersey National Guard, US Army

   My father, Charles Vexil Domus Weisgerber, was born 1902 in the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. That came about due to my grandfather Charles H. Weisgerber painting the Betsy Ross "Birth of Our Nation" in 1883 and later being a founder of the American Flag House & Memorial Association in 1898. That resulted in my grandfather moving into the Betsy Ross House and starting the renovation to save the building at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia.

   Later Vexil Weisgerber attended Drexel university in Philadelphia. When Vexil graduated from Drexel in 1924 he was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the New Jersey National Guard. Two years later I was born in Woodbury, New Jersey.

   My father was assigned to the 114th Infantry Regiment. The Commanding Officer of that Regiment wwas Colonel Norman Scwarzkopf, the father of "Stormin' Norman" of Gulf War fame. Every year the 114th would go to summer training. The annual summer training camp for the Guard was at Sea Girt, near Asbury Park, which was also the summer residence of the Governor of New Jersey.

   During the Depression in the 1930's Dad was a paymaster for the CCC. At the age of 10 on I went on his rounds on a number of Saturdays when he would hand over pay to the members of the CCC. I recall the fact that some pay was in the form of script, some in dollar bills. I believe there was a plan to also provide for some family at home as the CCC guys stayed in barracks on sites that I believe were on the projects. Two come to mind, the Cooper River Park starting in Camden and an extension that went into Haddonfield. The other was in Audubon crossing over into Haddon Heights. These recollections are due to the fact that my Dad included me in much travel as a youngster.

   When WWII approached, many of the CCC and WPA men joined the New Jersey National Guard. These men made up the strength needed to go into WWII.

   The 114th was called to duty in 1939. They along with other members of the 44th Infantry Division went to then Camp Dix to build that mud hole into Fort Dix. Culverts, Roads, Buildings, all were built with outside contractors to get ready for World War II.

----- Charles H. Weisgerber II


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