Biography of Carl E. Wise

Enrollee, Vernal, Ohio

   I was living in Canton, Ohio, when I was enlisted in the 'CCC's. I was sent to Vernal, Utah, where I spent several hitches. Oh yes, that was in 1939.

   I was a truck driver for a while. But by a few odd ball circumstances I ended up as a Cook. By Spring of 1940 I was a First Cook and more or less Assistant Mess Sergeant.

   Later in 1940, the Vernal, Utah, National Guard was notified that they were going on their 2 weeks of Active Duty. They had no cooks in the Company, so they asked me if I would sign up and go with them if it could be arranged with my Company Commander. Then they would discharge me upon our return to Vernal.

   An agreement was made so I went with the Guard, cooked on the Troop Train, in camp and out on maneuvers. We we returned to Vernal the Guard gave me my discharge and I returned to camp.

   The week I returned to camp, our camp was to furnish a cook for a Troop Train going back to Yellow Springs, Ohio. So I took that trip and while in Ohio I got a job and then was discharged.

----- Carl E. Wise


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