Charles E. Baer Camp, S-144-Pa., Emporium, Pa.

Pursuant to the Official 1936 Annual, CCC, 2nd District, Third Corps Area, USA

     CHARLES E. BAER CAMP S-l44-Pa., is located at Bobby's Run, about seven and one-half miles northwest of Emporium, Pa., a lumber industrial town of approximately 3,000 inhabitants.

    The camp had its origin in the old Hicks Run-Company. On June 26, 1935, the latter company was divided, and one-half of it was sent to this loca-tion to form the nucleus of the present company of 137 enrollees. Captain John H. Rackie, Com-mandIng Officer of the Hicks Run Camp, was ap-pointed Commanding Of-ficer of the new company.

    Captain John H. Rackie, 571st F.A.-Res., Com-pany Commander, is a graduate architect of the Uni-versity of Pennsylvania. He has especially dis-tinguished himself in marksmanship, having been an intercollegiate rifle champion, Captain of the inter-national rifle team representing the American Legion, and world champion at fifty meters on international target. Captain Rackie also served with the National Guard on the Mexican border, and was Captain in the Heavy Field Artillery during the World War.

     First Lieut. Henry T. Reynolds, 312th F.A., is a graduate of Cornell University. He was first assigned to C.C.C. duty May 1, 1935, at Fort George G. Meade, Md., where he attended the Reserve Officer's C.C.C. School. Lieut. Reynolds was subsequently sent to Camp S-86-Pa., and on September 2, 1936, was transferred to this camp.

     First Lieut. William R. Taube, 372nd F.A.-Res., is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and worked for newspapers in that city. He enlisted with the Pennsylvania National Guard on June 20, 1929 and was called for C.C.C. duty on September 15 1934, at Fort George G. Meade, Md. Lieut. Taube was subsequently sent to Fort Hoyle, Md.; Camp S-118, Clearfield, Pa.; and on April 2, 1936, was transferred to this camp.

     The educational program of the camp has also made its share of contributions. There are now four W.P.A. instructors in addition to thirteen others offering instruction in academic, commercial and voca-tional subjects to about 90 per cent of the enrollees A school house and library were built and furnished with materials and equipment for an effective educational program.

     Many notable accomplishments have been achieved from work projects. Three bridges were built, and six repaired, twelve fish dams constructed, and fifteen others which the flood tore out, were repaired. Nine miles of road construction have been worked on, and five have been completed.

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Official 1936 Annual, CCC, 2nd District, Third Corps Area, USA, CCC Museum Books Section, Publishing Info