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Instructions on How to Submit Stories, Biographies, Photographs, etc to These Pages

     Thank you for your interest in submitting information to my webspace. To send me a story or whatever, you can either just type it up in an email lke this in the format you wish it to be in (I will just copy and paste), or attach it as a Word or Word Perfect file (if something else best to just copy and paste it into a mail to avoid uncertainty of Word opening it). If the person sending it can't type/doesn't have computer or whatever, you can also mail it to me in written or tape form (audio or video) and I will have it trasnscribed and put on page (that takes a while - my secretaries being lazy).

     The format for a information query is a brief statement as to what/who you are looking for with as much description as you see fit to define the question. CCC Biographies should include name, time of service, camp and company information if known and general location of service (nearest city or state known) as well as any details known as to type of work etc, plus any other life details you wish to include.  Military Biographies should contain name, rank, unit(s). time and place of service - though name, general time frame and service will do if all you know - and can also include as much detail (including pre and post service) as you wish. Anecdotes (which can be included in text of biography too) can be stories, jokes, songs, information, did you know, touching - whatever you wish to say - and should include same name unit time place info as bio, but can also be anonymous if desired. Documents should be either copies of the actual document or an exact transcription of same with description as to what the document is and to what it pertains. Photographs can be forwarded as well either in digital form or by mail, though copies are required rather than originals as I can not guarrantee their return. If possible and provider is an AOL user I will ask that photographs be stored on your webspace and I will link to them (AOL users get free web space and I know how to instruct you to upload). I can take the digital photo and craft a page for forwarding to you with instructions to upload. Really large biographies may also be posted to your space. The reason for this is limited disk space on my end, saving as much as possible will help keep my costs down. If this is done, I will keep copies of data and if your space moves (you change or drop account) I can post the page elsewhere. In all cases I will place the email of the sender on the page(s) in question so visitors can contact you. If you wish a different contact address (email or snail) or wish no contact, please advise me when page is sent (and please update if it changes later).

     Furthermore, I make no payments for any submissions, I am doing this to honor, record, teach and preserve our recent history for personal reasons and as a hobby. I do nt anticipate making money on this. Note, however, that I may post advertisements in tasteful locations (and only tasteful ads too! - no naughty stuff, etc) to defray costs if and when I require so much webspace that I have to get another account for that purpose. So far I have refused offers of such ads, but I can't rule out the possibility. Finally if the totality of the information gathered warrants, I may seek to publish some or all of the contents of these pages in book form without compensation to the contributors. Unless you tell me you do not wish your submission used in any book form, your submission will serve as permission for such use. I fully anticipate that any publication would be paid for out of my pocket and would be a small print for libraries archives and limited sales. If, however, I could broadly publish anything I would do so as I think that would be most effective in telling these important stories.

     Your submission will serve as permission to publish your story to the web and possibly at some future date to print ( ie a book ). If you do not wish me to put your submission on the web ( ie you just want to chat in email with me about it ) or if you want me to place it on the web but do not want it used in print form ( ie a book ) you must state that in your email so I know.  If you wish to retain a copyright interest in such information, that copyright information should be included with your post to the web (note I make no legal conclusions as to how effective such a posting is to retain that right - I have no idea). Also by submitting an item you are representing that the item is not subject to copyright other than one in your control and that you have every right to transfer to me the right to publish same to the web and in book form.

     I Look forward to receiving your stories! Thanks - JJ

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