Biography of John Andolina

CCCMan, Company 1212, Elkmont, Tennesee & Zion National Park, Utah

   My name is John Andolina and I am an old veteran of the ccc's. Mine is a long story because when I first was drafted so to speak was because our family at the time was on welfare and the ccc's came up and the investigator came to the house and told my parents one of us boys could go into the CCCs. We were three in the family that were old enough to go. My older brother Phil was to be the one but he didn't want to go so I went in his place. That was in 1934.

   I have a lot of materials from my first enlistment from the day they started. First we went to Camp Dix, N. J. where we live in tents for awhile and got our outfits which at the time were old World War 2 out fits and away we went to Elkmont, Tenessee. This first camp was Elkmont, Tennesee Co 1212. There we also lived in tents because the Barracks were not completed. From there we went to Zion National Park in Utah. I was also in other camps in other locations.

   I have a lot of pictures, company roster, etc. I have a sort of a book that was put out with all the campsin district in 1934. Here are a list of the camps. 415 Mt Sterling, N. C-Co. 1212 Elkmont Tenn-Co. 1213 Cosby, Tenn. Co. 1214Cades Cove, Tenn. Co. 1458 Gatlinburg , Tenn--. Co. Co. 1459 Gatlinburg, Tenn-Co. 1461--Co 1467 Morristown. Tenn - Co. 411 Kephart Prong, N. C--. CO1462 Cosby, Tenn. -Co1457 Greenville, Tenn. I have a lot of material because I was in the C's a long time.

   I am new with computers and I would like to contact some of my old buddies if they are still alive. Maybe this could be the first step. Like to hear from someone as to how to go about it. I was in four different camps thru the years it is along story. I am 85 years old so you can see I go way back.

----- John Andolina

        jonapple@localnet. com


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