Biography of Leonard Anglin

CCCMan, Camp F-32A, Sedona, Azizona

     I, Leonard Anglin, was in the CCCs in 1937 at Camp F-32A in Sedona, Arizona. We helped open the roads and clear out the switchback, clearing out dead trees and limbs. We did the rough part of the road building. We also did a lot of work in the forest.

     We were paid $30 a month. That was a lot of money back then. I sent $25 of it home to my family and I kept five for myself. That way I had all the money I needed.

     At the time we were in Sedona, there was one store, with one gas pump. There was a post office, and I think she had about four or five boxes. And there was not one house for miles. Not a single one. The place was just one big canyon. You cold buy land by the acre then, and it didn't cost anything.

     Recently, in 1995, I went back to Sedona. We got out of the car to ask someone if he knew where the camp site was. Well my brother Jim kept pointing something out on the wall of the building next to us. But I didn't see anything. He finally had to walk up to it and show it to me. It was a plaque on the side of the building, an Inn and real estate office building in the middle of town, which said "Historic Site of Civilian Conservation Corps Camp F-32A 1933-1941". It was what we were looking for. The parking lot I was standing on was the site of my old camp. The place had sure changed. Later we went up into the mountains I used to love climbing, they were still there and we went up it that day. In the photo, you can see the mountain in the background.

     The CCC was a wonderful thing. You learned the value of money, and it helped you to become a man. You learned to do hard work and earn your keep.

----- Leonard Anglin


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