Biography of Luther E. Bates

CCCMan, Company 1466, Camp S-78, Pikeville, Tennessee

   1938. At Age 18 and midway through the 11th grade, I had to drop out of school, because things were so bad that my Dad could not raise the 4 dollars per month it cost to ride the bus 13 miles from Lobelville, Tennessee to Linden where they had a four year high school instead of a two year.

   So I insisted to my Dad who was a great hard working person to try to get me into the CCC, which came about in June, 1938. I was located 200 miles from my home at a Camp near Pikeville, Tennessee, Bledsoe County, Company 1466, Camp S-78-Tenn. in District "C" of the Fourth Corps Area.

   I planted trees and worked at the rock crusher building roads for six months. Then I was promoted to Assistant Leader as a Supply Clerk for the next 18 months until my two years term expired, which was June 1940.

   This was the greatest days of my youth, which helped me later in life. Five months later I joined the Army and after four months I was promoted to Supply Sergeant. This was due to my training in the C.C.C..

   I met and dated a girl while in the C.C.C. at Pikeville and married her in June, 1941. Come this June we will have been married 60 years. So you see the Civilian Conservation Corps has a very special place in my heart.

----- Luther E. Bates


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