Biography of Anthony J. Caffrey

CCCMan, Rhinelander, Wisconsin

   My Uncle, my mother's brother, Anthony J. Caffrey was from Milwaukee. He had turberculosis as a youth. He was in his 20s in the 1930s. The sanitarium thought it would be good for him to get him into the "good air", and he was sent up to northern Wisconsin as a result. He was assigned to a CCC camp near Rhinelander, Wisconsin. There he was in charge of the CCC men of the camp.

   One night the men got into some canned heat, which was basically wax with alcohol. The men were getting drunk by chewing the wax. Two of them got into a knife fight and my Uncle had to run out there and break it up in the woods in the middle of the night under the bright moon. He says he was frightened but he stopped the fight.

    He was tough guy and once broke up a fight one time took a sword out of one guys hand. He later obtained a Degree in Sociology and ran Juvenile Homes in Detroit and DC. He was also very compassionate man with a heart twice as big as he was. I took his name as my confirmation name so well did I think him.

----- Gerald Brock


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