Biography of Vondalee D. Callahan

CCCMan, Company 3844, Camp Basin City, DG-11-CO, Redvale, Colorado

   "My dad is Vondalee D. Callahan. He was in the 3844th Company in Camp Basin City, DG-11-C, near Redvale Colorado. His company worked for the Division of Grazing.

   Dad use to drive one of the trucks and made regular runs, in the snow, etc, to town for supplies. He use to tell how deep and dangerous the snow was and driving blind in the blowing snow on those old unimproved roads.

   His good friend in the CCC Camp was Nolen R. Cunnius, who worked in the infirmary. Apparently he was getting out so he coached my Dad in preparation of taking his place when he left. Nolen had Dad practice giving injections on oranges before he actually administered any shots.

   I have a photo of his company and camp. It is linked below. He is in the fourth row, 12th from the right."

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Company 3844, Camp and Group Photo Collage, (Much Large Version), Camp Basin City, DG-11-C, Redvale Colorado

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