Biography of John F. Clemens / John F. Klementowski 

CCCMan, Company 293, Camp MP-2, Vicksburg, Mississippi & Camp P-209, Pine Grove, California

     John F. Clemens, also named John F. Klementowski, CCCman, Company 293, Camp MP2, Vicksburg, Mississippi, later moved to Camp P-209 in Pine Grove California. Born in Amsterdam, New York, 1916, currently living in New York.

      He remembers going to Vicksburg, taking a train across the county to California and planting trees in the national forests along the northern part of California and into Oregon. I don't have too many others stories at this point, but will investigate more. This is the first I've looked into the history of the CCCs or any connection with it, it's all quite interesting. Several of dads buddies from his hometown of Ballston Spa New York went with him to Vicksburg and they have since passed away.



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