Biography of Howard L. Cox

Foreman Techincal Staff, Lake Chabot, Oakland, California & Yosemite National Park & Yellowstone National Park & Mt. Diablo and Mount Tamalpois, California

   My husband and I spent some years with the CCCs traveling from camp to camp - he was a foreman - usually arriving at a planned area before the boys and staff arrived. My husband, Howard L. Cox, was stationed first at Lake Chabot, Oakland, California. Then in '32-'33 he was stationed in Yosemite National Park.

   We married just before he was to travel to his next assignment at Yellowstone National Park.

    That winter Harold was in the office, located in San Francisco. Spring came and we were sent to Mt. Diablo and Mount Tamalpois in California.

    Then a job became available in Oakland, California City Parks, which was headed by William Penn Mott (later National Parks Director). Harold Cox remained with that position until we moved (for a daughter's health) to Arizona.

    After a brief time Howard joined the Arizona State Parks and helped establish many recreation areas until his death in 1994. During that time he taught class in night school, designed park areas state wide, including the area of the "London Bridge" at Lake Havasu.

----- Rose Lee Cox, Mrs. Harold L. Cox


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