Biography of Edward Bernard Czernek

CCCMan, Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, Plattsburg, New York

   My father's name was Edward Bernard Czernek and he was from Buffalo, NY. He was assigned to CCC camps clearing the land and building the lakes in Bear Mountain State Park, just north of New York City, and Harriman State Park. I don't know the camp he was attached to, only that they used Plattsburg, NY as their mailing route and he was there in the 1930s. My father worked during the 30s on construction of these two state parks, including the preparation of Bear Mountain Lake and other back-country lakes. I have a series of 25 pictures showing construction of the dam and other facilities and  would be willing to scan and e-mail to anyone who might identify them. There may not be much hope of finding people that knew him but it would be nice to get some perspective on the three or four CCC camps in which he likely worked. It would also be nice to have someone tie the pictures to existing structures in Bear Mountain State Park. I've been to the park once in the 1960s with my father. It's an extraordinarily large state park, within city of the NY skyscrapers (from the bridge crossing the Hudson River at that point). There are beautiful back-country lakes built by the CCC corps, perfect for camping and fishing.



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