Biography of Feliciano Gomez

CCCMan, Durango, Colorado & Cuba, New Mexico

     My father Feliciano Gomez a Hispanic CCC worker in the Durango Colorado and Cuba New Mexico area. My father still has his honorable discharge papers from the CCC camp. We also have a picture of a CCC group he belonged to from the Durango Colorado area.

     He was drafted from his CCC camp and served during WWII. As the WWII war generals requested more troops from New Mexico, certain CCC camps were used as a source of troops. The Honorable Discharges from the CCCs sometimes refer to "Convenience of the Government" when an individual would be drafted for military service. In New Mexico a bus was sent to camps and would be soldiers would be discharged and picked up for transport to a military training area.

Sincerely provided,

By Victor Gomez son of Feliciano Gomez


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