Biography of Francis L. Waters

CCCMan, Company 602

     My late-grandfather, Francis L. Waters, served with COMPANY 602 in Illinois, Washington, and California. He enrolled October 24th, 1933 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. At time of enrollment he was 18 years old, had brown eyes, brown hair, fair complexion, and was six feet one half inches in height.

     From 10-24-33 to 11-7-33 he underwent training, called "conditioning", at Ft Sheridan, Illinois. He then took a train to his asignment from 11-8-33 to 11-10-33, being enroute to Vancouver Barracks, Washington.

     He went through more training 11-11-33 to 11-13-33, also called "conditioning", at Vancouver Barracks. He then went to his camp.

    Company 602 was at Peterson, Cougar, Washington.  He was there from November 14, 1933 to April 16, 1934 working with a road crew with the pick and shovel. They built roads near the Lewis River.

     The Company moved out on 4-17-34 and was enroute until 4-19-34 to  a new camp location at Growden, Washington, Camp F-62, Meyers Falls.  They stayed there until October 31, 1934. During that time he continued to work on the road building crew with pick and shovel.

     From Growden the Company moved to Seiad, California, arriving at Camp F-176 Seiad Valley on November 3, 1934.  He was barracks orderly there on November 4, 1934. He was then shipped to Fort Sheridan Illinois where he was deprocessed from December 16 to December 21, 1934.

     He was discharged December 21st, 1934 at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.

     I have many items of his that relate to that era. I maintain the following artifacts pertaining to my grandather's experience in the CCC; - handwritten "luggage" tag reading; Francis Waters   C.C.C. Co 602 Fort Sheridan, Illinois  - CCC songbook courtesy the Spokane, Washington Humane Society. -unidentified square of brown canvas stenciled in black; "19". square measures aprox. 4"X4". -several pieces of correspondence; some on CCC stationary - Thanksgiving Menu for camp Seiad including   handwritten signatures of all present at my grandfather's table. Dated November 29th, 1934. -32 black and white photographs of various subjects. -copy of "C.C.C Review"; Monday, Sept 3, 1934. -several newsletters of company manufacture. -footlocker, (since repainted) -handpainted/hand stenciled long-sleeve sports shirt. -WW I issue trousers, (issued as CCC clothing). One of his stories may be found in the Perry Merril book; pgs 64-66.



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