Biography of Francis J. Gutman

Forestry Clerk, Radio Operator, Woodsman, CCCMan - LEM, Company 938, Quinault Ranger Station Side Camp, Olympic National Forest, Camp S-234-WA, Clearwater, WA & Company 4275 - Company 2941, Fort Lewis, WA & Camp NP-2, Camp Norada Falls, Mount Ranier National Park, WA & Camp NP-8, Camp Sunshine Point, Nisqually Entrance, Mount Ranier National Park, Washington

Employee, CCC Quartermaster, Fort Lewis, Washington

United States Navy

   I was a member of the CCC's from 1935 until 1940, as set forth in my Honorable Discharge and my Record of Service.

   When all the Logging Camps went on strike in late 1934, I enlisted in the CCC's as a LEM (Local Experienced Man) in Aberdeen, WA at Company 938-S234 Camp. Clearwater, WA on January 4, 1935 as a Woodsman (Logger).

   I was assigned to a side camp at Quinnault Ranger Station as a Forestry Clerk in the Olympic National Forest. As I could type and the Ranger needed a typist and also a Radio Operator, and as I had some radio experience in high school and knew Morse Code, I was transferred to a side camp in the Hoh River area as Forestry Clerk and Radio Operator. One June 30, 1935 Company 938 transferred to Mount Ranier NP-4 for one day.

   On July 31, 1935 I was picked as a Cadre member and transferred to Fort Lewis Company 4275, which was a new camp, to assist in organizing. One day they changed the company number to 2941 from 4275, which was a 2d Corps Company, later changed to Company 252 at Fort Lewis, WA. Company 2941 (Army 3); was at Fort Lewis from August 1, 1935 to June 29, 1938. From June 30, 1938 to October 11, 1938 at Camp Norada Falls, Company 2941 NP-2 Mount Ranier National Park, a tent camp. October 12, 1938 a new camp was constructed at Sunshine Point, Mt Ranier, and Company 2941 was moved into the new camp at the Nisqually Entrance to the Park (N.P.-8), Mt Ranier, WA.

   In 1937 the Louisiana Publishing Company photographed every CCC Camp in the Fort Lewis District - personnel, projects, history, and I had a copy which I later donated to the Anacortes CCC Museum run by Vic, now deceased, and Mae Olson. I have photos of camps, projects and personnel as well.

   On May 7, 1940, I was Honorably Discharged from Sunshine Point, Mt Ranier National Park and went to work at the Quarter, CCC Fort Lewis, WA as a civilian employee. I worked at the Quartermaster Department and then the Army Engineers as a Civil Service employee until World War II, when I joined the Navy.

----- Francis J. Gutman



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