Biography of Jonathan Hedglin

CCCMan, Idaho & Oregon & Hacklebarny State Park, New Jersey

     My father Jonathan Hedglin was in the CCCs. My father worked in Idaho and Oregon, as well as in New Jersey for the CCCs I believed it was in Hacklebarny state park in North Jersey. I was there once, my father showed me a stone wall that helped build, he was proud of the CCCs. I believe that it had given him the many skills that he had, not to mention the great character that he had. He was one of the hardest workers I've ever seen. If you know of any information on him or other pictures of him or others that worked in New Jersey let me know.

   I would like to see the CCCs come back it would really turn this country around, with job training, bonding of the races,and buildings and projects that last a lifetime.



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