Biography of Max Hopkins

T/Sgt, New Hampshire National Guard, Battle of the Bulge, US Army, WWII

   My father, Tsgt Max Hopkins served in this unit. He has since passed away. Although dad had pictures of his tour, he would seldom talk about his experiences. He had frequent nightmares up to his death at age 88. Dad told me that he was demoted (busted) in rank once and I can understand how this might have happened. He also said that he had spent some time in a hospital in France. He said that this outfit was part of the New Hampshire National Grd. His duty station, amoung others, was to drive the CAT that pulled the cannon. I’m assuming the the cannon was a 105 or 155 howizer. I have a picture of his gun and crew set up in the field. He also once told me that he always parked his CAT over his foxhole during the “Bulge”. Dad had attended a reunion of his outfit and really enjoyed himself. My father was very proud of his service to his country and remained a strong supporter of the armed services throughout his life. If anyone has stories or perhaps pictures of my father to share, our family would be very appreciative. Thank you for any information that you may have to pass along.

----- Gary Hopkins

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