Biography of W. Scott Lamb

CCCMan, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Medora, North Dakota

Aviation Ordnanceman, Pearl Harbor, U.S.N.

   I joined the CCC camp after highschool in Marmarth N.D. and was sent to Medora North Dak. where we refurbished the home of the Marquis DeMores as a historical place. We built stone work of all kinds including a caretakers house and stone walls and steps. We also worked on other aspects of Theadore Roosevelt National Park. The camp was about five miles north of Medora and we were transported in trucks to the job sites. Prety cold in the winter and migty hot in the suymmer. The main thing I remember about the camp was the soory state of the young men coming into camp. Worn out clothes and shoes,, shaggy hair and dirty. We were cleaned up and given haircuts and new clothes including new boots. These boys changed in one day to proud boys who looked and acted like they belonged. I worked at the rock quarry some twenty miles west of camp where we jackhammered and carved rocks for various projects. A truck brought lunch to us at noon and for some reason I especially recall pitures of hard boiled eggs every day.

     I joined the Navy after about three months in the CCC camp and was sent to San Diego for training. Joined the fleet as an Aviation Ordnanceman in Sept 1941 and was transfered to Pearl Harbor arriving on Saturday morning Dec, 6, 1941. I believe the rest of the camp was taken into the National Guard after the war begun and many ended up as casualties on Guadalcanal.

   The CCC camps were a great boost for the country during the depression and helped many young men get a start in life.

----- W. Scott Lamb


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