Biography of Arthur Lien

CCCman, Company 1723, Walker, Minnesota

The Facts of Life

     I enlisted in the C.C.C. when I was 17 years old, a naïve farm boy.

     I was sent to camp 1723, located at Walker, Minnesota. After one year's service I was given a few days off to visit my parents in Lakota, North Dakota.

     I took a train to Bemidji, Minnesota, but the train to Lakota did not leave until the following day. So I stayed overnight in a hotel.

     Retired for the night, I heard a knock on the door, pulled on my pants and opened the door. There stood a beautiful blonde in a sheer negligee. She smiled and asked, "Is there anything that you need before you retire?"

     I couldn't think of a thing!!!

     P.S. When I arrived home my brother in law explained the facts of life.

----- Arthur Lien


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