Biography of George E. McCormick Jr.

Army Staff, Lt, Russian River, Idaho & Seiad Valley, California & Lovelock, Nevada

Brig General, USAR

   My dad was an Army Lt. assigned to the CCC in the late 1930's. My dad was George E. McCormick Jr. He was a lieutenant at the time he was with the CCC. Prior to that he was reserve army with the Coast Artillery and stationed at Diamond Lake, Ore.

   I have a few short memories from several camps. .I don't recall whether he was at any other CCC camps other than Russian River, Seiad valley and Lovelock.

   My mother died while we were at the CCC camp at Seiad Valley, Calif. I revisited the site a few years ago and while the camp is gone, foundations are still there. The postmistress had photos of the camp including the officers quarters where we lived in 1935.

   At Locklock, Nev. Probably about 1938, We used to have to walk a mile across the desert to the railroad tracks to get and send mail. We would hang the mail bag from a post and the bag would be grabbed by an arm extending from the mailcar at the same time they threw our incoming mail off the train.

   At Russian River CCC Camp, in what I believe was Idaho, about 1937-38, three incidents stick in my mind. I was bit by a dog and rushed to town down a narrow graveled mountain road in a ¾ ton Army truck with the dog in the back. I remember it as the most harrowing ride of my life. Another time, my dad and another officer decided to teach me how to ride a bicycle. The parade ground was on a slant and they set me on a bike at the top of the rise and let go and I proceed rapidly down the parade ground into a large tree. That was my first and last bike riding lesson. The third incident involved a bear. One of the CCC kids found a bear cub and brought it back into camp for a mascot. They put it in a makeshift cage. That night the mama bear came looking for her cub and tore the camp apart destroying several pup tents and scaring everyone out of their wits before she recovered her cub.

   After the CCC, he was Army Reserve and served until his retirement as a Brig. General (Ret). in about 1962. He died in Australia in about 1989.

----- George E. McCormick III


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