Biography of Peter F. Plyter

First Sergeant, CCCMan, Company 1205, Canby, Oregon & Ileac Oregon

     My dad, Peter F. Plyter, is 86 years old. Here is some information he had about his time in the ccc.

     He served with Company 1205, at Canby, Oregon. He was fifteen when he joined. He started in New Jersey to N.Y. to Tennessee to Wa. to Mt. Rainer in WA. then to Ilwacco, WA.

     He lived in barracks in Ileac. He was a mess stewart, his title was 1st.Sargent under Lt. Commander Hallahan.

     He never had to do anything but order food and feed the men, His boss took him everywhere he went. They would take the food out to the work site.

     They did have dances that were at the barracks when he was in the state of WA. This is where he met my mother. Friends of his were: Brad and Jim Divine....and Doc Butler who was a pharmacist.



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