Biography of Donald D. Pointer

CCC Man, The Ledges State Park, Boone & Ames, Iowa

    My name is Donald D. Pointer and I originally lived in Iowa. I served in the CCC camp at Ames Iowa. We did a lot of road and construction work at The Ledges State Park near Boone Iowa. I am not sure but I think that it was in 1938 or 1939 . I later did three and a half years in the army and the discipline was much stricter in the CCC's. I do remember the camp commander it was Capt. Buchach I am not sure of the spelling. I lived about thirty miles from Ames and when we got a weekend pass I always hitchhiked home. Hitch hiking was against the rules but that was one rule they didn't enforce. This is the first time that I have thought of this for many years.

----- Donald D. Pointer


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