Biography of Stanley Rak

Leader, CCCMan, Company 129, Camp Okemo SP-6-VT, Ludlow, Vermont & Company 2142, Camp F-1, Danby, Vermont & Company 2142, Camp SCS-1, Poultney, Vermont

Soldier, USA

   I served in the CCC from January 1940 to Sept 1940 at LUDLOW VT. Company 129, OKEMO Camp SP- 6 VT. The camp was not far from route 103 in LUDLOW VT. We did forestry work and built the road up OKEMO MT. Mr. PERRY was the engineer and I was on his survey crew.

   I was chosen to be in the cadre that opened the DANBY, VT. camp from SEPT 1940 to NOVEMBER 1940. This camp was abandoned and in need of much repair and cleaning. This was company 2142. When we left this camp became company 1148, Project F-1.

   In NOVEMBER 1940 I was again chosen to be in another cadre to start another camp at POULTNEY, VT. This was to be a Soil Conservation Camp, Company 2142, Project SCS-1. We slept in tents, washed in the stream that was covered with ice at times. We waited for the portable barracks to be constructed. This was a COLD winter. We surveyed the course of the POULTNEY, WELLS and METTOWEE rivers. The survey crew consisted of the engineer CARL PARSONS, HAROLD SWEENEY, MILTON RUTSTEIN and me STANLEY RAK.

   Later erosion control projects were carried out by the POULTNEY camp, the only Soil Conservation camp in New England. Worthless slate at the GRANVILLE, N.Y. quarry was loaded on trucks and the slate was placed behind sunken pile barricades at the erosion control projects. The men assisted in establishing forest stand improvements, placed brush rip-rap to control the stream banks, cleared debris from stream channels and placed stone rip-rap to control the stream banks of the POULTNEY, WELLS and the METTOWEE rivers.

   HAROLD SWEENEY and MILTON RUTSTEIN left the CCC. TOM CHAMBERLAIN and MAKEPIECE replaced them. I was made an Assistant Leader Detail No. 1023 surveying, with CARL PARSONS the engineer who taught me how to survey and draw maps of the rivers, to be used for rip-rap work which was needed to save the farm land which was being washed away. I was later made a Field Leader and had my own crew that did the surveys.

   I played baseball on the Poultney VT. team which became the Northern league champ. We played the Southern league champions, Company 179, VOLUNTOWN, CONN. for the First Corps Area CCC baseball trophy at Springfield, MA. on FOREST PARK field. VOLUNTOWN won 12 to 2. Many Army officers and the mayor of Springfield, MA and his officials attended. LIEUT COL. GEORGE L SMITH, INF. presented the trophy to the Voluntown team.

   I was discharged JAN 1942. Served in the Army. Went to college under the G.I. Bill and was employed by the Navy at NEWPORT, R.I. I was employed as a COMPUTER PROGRAMMER, later as a COMPUTER SPECIALIST. I retired in 1982. I am married and we have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

----- Stanley Rak


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