Biography of Evans Robinson

Leader, CCCMan, Woodbine Camp. Belleplain State Forest, Woodbine, New Jersey

   My father's name, like mine, is Evans Robinson. He was at Belleplain CCC camp, in Belleplain, New Jersey. My father was in the hospital recently and the next day I asked him to tell us something, a story about ccc camp.

     "We got $5 a month plus $25 to go home, for a total of $1.00 a day or $30 a month for regular Enrollees. Assistant Leaders got $36. So I worked hard and got $45, the Leader salary. We wore stripes, two stripes were Assistant Leader, three strips for the Leader.

     I stayed for 5 years. I later made more money in one year of clamming than the 5 years I spent with the CCC. There was a story about clamming. I was working for a person by the name of Fox. I was working on a very cold day an I did not get paid the $36, I did not get the money. So then I clammed right next to them and I was getting 70 cents per hundred of clams. But that was later.

   Another story was during the Cs. It was raining hard. I was at Camp Woodbine. The water was not going away from the kitchen area. We walked through the water to eat. Someone wrote a letter of complaint and signed my name, evans robinson. I had to explain to the administration, I did not write or sign the letter. But the conditions were bad. When it got cold, we could get around in the freeze. But it was very hard to get around in the mud conditions."

   The Belleplain camp made the Belleplain State Forest. My father and I went there. The superintenent at Belleplain has some of the old CCC uniforms they wore and patches. We gave them at Belleplain state forest office the pants he wore, which were wool. They were very similiar to what the army issued me.

   I learned when the Parvin State Park appreciation group had a get together at Parvin State Park this past fall my father told me the reason why no CCC members from Parvin were there was that they were all older the people that worked at parvins ccc. They were in the spanish american war.

   My father worked at Parvins from after the war until about 1979 or there about. I can recall the old CCC camp as a child at parvin state park. It is were the maintence area is now. I recall the large long buildings. I understand they had POWs there during the war and for other things. The government destroyed the buildings, but I can recall the buildings looked a little like the concentration camp buildings in Europe from the outside. They were built in rows. How it was in the ccc days, I am not sure. As a child I recall many of them at the old CCC area were all torn down, but they left one fairly large building with a pit to change oil. I recall my father going there after work and changing the motor oil. Then my father had a order to fill in the oil changing pit and then the large building was torn down. Now the maintence department has a new building there, just off Almond Rd, just west of the main park. As a child I could recall the streets. One year all the fruit was on the trees. I went back next year and no fruit on the trees and bushes this was back around l959.

----- Evans W. Robinson


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