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Biography of Anthony Scurato

Company 294, Camp Tawana, Camp NP-5. Enumclaw, Bellfair, Washington

     I served in the CCC's from 1935-1936 with Company 294 in Camp Tawana, Camp NP-5. Enumclaw, Bellfair, Washington. When I enlisted, at the age of 16, I was sent to Fort Dix, N.J. and assigned to my company. We were then transported by a steam locomotive to Belfair, Washington. The trip took 5 days. We were then taken by army trucks to Camp Tawana.

     This was my first time away from home. I was both thrilled with the trip and apprehensive at Camp Tawana. We were assigned to barracks and given our CC clothes. Then we went to work.

     Our work consisted of clearing parks and brooks and erecting campsites. After three months there, we were moved to Camp Rainier for another three months, where we built trails and parks. During this time, we lived in tents and men with pack horses brought us our food and other provisions. At the end of this 3 months, my CCC time ended and I returned home.

     I made good friends and we grew up together. It was a happy experience for me and one I will always remember. Several years ago, my wife and I had the chance to visit the my old camp and it was a big thrill for me. I'd be interested in information on the camp or in hearing from anyone from the Company or Camp.

----- Anthony Scurato


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