Biography of Dr. Clarence B. Smith

Camp Doctor, Company 245, Kooskia, Idaho

   My father was Dr. Clarence B. Smith living in Francis, Oklahoma when he was given a job with the CCC as company doctor early in 1940. He was sent to a camp in the Bitterroot Mtns. in Idaho. I do not have the camp number. The mailing address was Kooskia, Idaho, nothing more than a very small settlement with a post office. For shopping we went to Orofino, Moscow or Lewiston Idaho. The camp was in a very remote area in the mountains.

    My father was a native of Honey Grove, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Galveston, Texas May 1900. He left Galveston before the terrible hurricane of September 1900 when so many people were killed. He began his practice in Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) and practiced medicine there for more than 50 years with the exception of approximately sixteen months he spent in Idaho at the CCC camp.

   My parents were living in Francis, Oklahoma, when he received the call to go to Idaho. The post office for the was Kooskia, Idaho. I found 3 camps listed - 2 with Kooskia being the nearest railroad and 1 listed as Kooskia being the nearest post office, so I shall have to assume it to be the right one, as the date of it seemed to be about the right time, also. The company number is 245. However, another company number 5704 could possibly be right. Just don't know how to tell which one, but since the first one had Kooskia for post office and the second one had Lowell for post office, guess would have to assume the 1st one is right.

    I do remember one of the army officers and his wife as we became pretty well acquainted with them. Lt. Stanley and wife Geneva.

   After the CCC camp closed in the summer of 1941, Dr. and Mrs. Smith returned to Oklahoma and settled at Roff, Oklahoma in south central Oklahoma. He continued to practice medicine in Roff for more than ten years.

   He continued to stay active after retiring until a bad fall on Thanksgiving Day 1958 resulted in a fractured hip. He underwent surgery on December 2, 1958, but failed to recover. He died December 5, 1958 and is buried at East Hill Cemetery, Roff, Oklahoma.

    If there is anyone out there who by chance has any information about this camp at this particular time - 1940-41 - and anyone who might have any information about Lt. Stanley's family.



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