Biography of Wilbur C. Sullivan

CCCman, CC7-186303, Camp F-14, Bardley, Missouri

From his CCC Honorable Discharge Certificate

   Wilbur C. Sullivan was born in Doniphan, Missourri. His mother was Mrs. Jess Sullivan. He had blue eyes, brown hair and a fair complexion and in 1935 he was five feet seven inches in height. He went to school through the eighth grade. He lived at R#1 in Doniphan and was a farmer.

   At the age of nineteen, Mr. Sullivan joined the Civilian Conservation Corps on July 5, 1935. His pay allotment was sent to his mother. He was assigned to Camp F-14 in Bardley Missouri. His company worked on Forestry work, under the supervision of the Project Superintendent Norman E. Martin. The Company Commander was Ensign Arthur E. Johnson, U.S.N.R.. Though most CCC Commanders were Army personnel, there were some Navy men, such as Ensign Johnson, assigned to this duty as well.

   Wilbur Sullivan worked on the telephone crew, assisting in the construction of 44 miles of line. Presumably this telephone line was put up to assist the Forest Service in communicating with fire watch towers and ranger sites in the area. His Project Superintendent stated that Mr Wilbur C. Sullivan was a good lineman and a very good worker. He also described Mr. Sullivan as honest, industrious and one of the outstanding men in camp. The Superintendent Martin pointed out that Mr. Wilbur Sullivan had an excellent record in every way. Indeed while with the camp, Wilbur had no leaves or AWOL periods.

   Wilbur Sullivan left the CCCs at the end of his term of service with an honorable discharge on March, 31, 1936. He also left camp with a letter of recommendation from Mr. Norman E. Martin, Project Superintendent F-14 dated April 1, 1936. On April 3, 1936 he received his final pay allotment of $5.00, from the office of the Finance Officer, Major L. H. Sims (Inf) F.D. from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, that being noted on his Discharge by the Deputy Finance Officer, E. J. Kleckner.

   What became of Mr. Sullivan I do not know. His discharge and letter of recommendation came into the Museum collection via an ebay auction in the Spring of 2001.

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