Biography of Prentice Walls

CCC Man, CCC,Co. 2548, NYP-7, #3 Wawona, Wawona, California

   I have twelve old CCC-Camp pictures taken around 1936 during my dad's service. One picture has written on it his name, Prentice Walls, CCC,Co. 2548, NYP-7, #3 Wawona, Wawona, California.

   One of the pictures has 4 other people in it with him, one is a panoramic view of a camp, one a pick-up truck and two or three with other people and horses. Also their is one of my dad dressed in what looks like dressed ccc uniform clothes standing in front of what appears to be a big lodge or hotel type building.

   I have heard that company was made up of boys from KY, TENN, AND VA. Any information about his company, camp or service would be appreciated.

Advance Party, Co. 1273, Camp S-212, Elk River, ID

----- Bill Walls BILLWALLS64 AT aol DOT com


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