Biography of Sandford Sellers, Jr.


Corps Educational Advisor, VI Corp Area


From Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area, 1937 Annual


Mr. Sandford Sellers, Jr.

Corps Educational Adviser, 6th Corps Area


          Mr. Sandford Sellers, Jr., Educational Advisor for the Sixth Corps Area, was born in Lexington, Missouri, February 5, 1892. In 1908 he graduated from the Wentworth Military Academy, where he participated in a variety of student activities and was senior cadet officer in his final year. An additional preparatory year was done at the University High School of Chicago, where he also graduated and was a member of the basketball team and Western Interscholastic Tennis Champion in 1909.


          Entering the University of Chicago for the following four years, Mr. Sellers graduated with the B.S. degree in 1913. In the university he was a member of all four class honor societies and was selected as a University Marshal by the faculty on the basis of scholarship and service. His social fraternity was Beta Theta Pi. He won major letters in football and track athletics, and was a member of the band.


          Upon completion of his college work, Mr. Sellers returned to his preparatory school, Wentworth, which he served for the next twenty years, except for the war period, 1917-1918. He was steadily promoted at Wentworth until he reached the position of Superintendent, in 1923, at which time junior college work was added to the curriculum. The Academy was regularly rated as an Honor School by the U.S. War Department.


          In the spring of 1917, Mr. Sellers entered the First  Officers’ Training Camp at Camp Funston, Kansas, from which he was commissioned Captain of Infantry. On completion of the Machine Gun School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, in August, 1917, he served as instructor of machine gunner in the 89th Division until that division sailed for France, at which time he was assigned command of Company D, 342nd Machine Gun Battalion. In France, he won two battle stars and graduated from the Army School of the Line at Langres, France. He was with the army of occupation in Germany for five months. He now holds a commission as Lieutenant Colonel, Specialist Reserve, U.S. Army.


          In the spring of 1933, Mr. Sellers resigned his position as Superintendent of Wentworth Military Academy to pursue a year of graduate study at the University of Chicago, where he was granted the Master of Arts degree and was elected to Phi Delta Kappa. On completion of this work in the fall of 1934, he was appointed Sixth Corps Area Educational Adviser.


          It might be said that Mr. Sellers has devoted his life to education among young men, and it would be difficult to find one more fitted by training, experience, and temperament to fill the important position he now holds. As a member of the Rotary Club, the American Legion, and other civic organizations, he has always been active in community welfare and development work.


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