1937 Annual


Contents, 1937 Annual, Sparta Civilian Conservation Corps District, Sixth Corps Area


Curatorís Notes Ė The following are links to the pages containing the text content of an Annual put out by the Sparta CCC District in 1937. Images from the Annual and or of the pages themselves may be added later. Also at the time this page is first being posted not all pages of the Annual have been transcribed and posted. Additional pages may be linked over time. Please check back.


Hugh A. Drum, Gen., Corps Commander, VI Corps Area, United States, USA

Kenneth B. Bush, Maj., Deputy Chief of Staff, CCC, VI Corps Area, United States, USA

Sanford Sellers, Jr., Corps Educational Advisor, VI Corps Area, United States, USA

David L. Ruffner, Maj., District Commander, Sparta CCC District, VI Corps Area, United States, USA

Lester H. Barnhill, Maj. , District XO, Sparta CCC District, VI Corps Area & 6th Infantry Regiment, United States, USA

Ralph M. Dean, Capt. District Chaplain, VI Corp Area, USA

George F. Bohn, Capt., Inf Res., District Inspector, VI Corp Area, USA

David H. Passell, Capt., Fin. Res., District Finance Officer, VI Corp Area, USA

Kenneth W. Mosher, 1st Lt., Air. Res., District Adjutant, VI Corp Area, USA

Through this section are various photographs of district staff without text other than names. Additional links to pages with text follow below, but here are the names given as to photos not yet postedÖ

Major Sidney M. Roberts


District Surgeon


Mr. J.K. Marshall

District Educational Advisor


1.†††††† Capt. George L. Dubord

††††††††† AG-Res.

††††††††† Personnel Adjutant


2.†††††† Capt. G.B. Kidwell

††††††††† QMC

††††††††† Quartermaster


3.†††††† Capt. Raymond E. Porter

††††††††† Air-Res.

††††††††† Transportation Officer


4.†††††† Catp. Glen E. Hofto

††††††††† CA-Res.

††††††††† Construction Officer


5.†††††† Capt. Buell S. Law

††††††††† Vet-Res.

††††††††† District Veterinarian


6.†††††† First Lt. Ralph S. Johansen

††††††††† Engr-Res.

††††††††† Assít District Adjutant




1.†††††† First Lt. Stanley D. Lewis

††††††††† CA-Res.

††††††††† Assít Personnel Adjutant


2.†††††† First Lt. James C. Conine

††††††††† Inf-Res.

††††††††† Purchasing and Contracting Officer


3.†††††† First Lt. Frederick S. Harbridge

††††††††† Cav-Res.

††††††††† Property Officer


4.†††††† First Lt. Thomas E. Anderson

††††††††† MA-Res.

††††††††† Warehouse and Receiving Officer


5.†††††† First Lt. Shirley G. Blencoe

††††††††† Sig-Res.

††††††††† Signal and Ordinance Officer


6.†††††† First Lt. Arthur H. Kopp

††††††††† MA-Res.

††††††††† Medical Supply Officer



1.†††††† First Lt. Herbert J. Markle

††††††††† Fin-Res.

††††††††† Assistant Finance Officer


2.†††††† First Lt. John W. Hope

††††††††† FA-Res.

††††††††† Assistant-Motor Transport Officer


3.†††††† First Lt. Joseph A. Stone

††††††††† MA-Res.

††††††††† Assistant to the District Surgeon


4.†††††† First Lt. Harvery B. Schell

††††††††† QM-Res.

††††††††† Assistant Construction Officer


5.†††††† First Lt. Alexander J. Javois

††††††††† Med-Res.

††††††††† Assistant District Surgeon


6.†††††† First Lt. Robert W. Hartness

††††††††† Chaplain



W.A. Devine

USCG Boatswain

Chief Clerk, District Headquarters


M.J. Maloney

Chief Clerk, Supply Division


Warrant Officers, U.S. Coast Guard

On Duty at Headquarters


Sitting left to right: Boatswain A.C. Cornell, Machinist H.M. Davis, Gunner R.L. Addy, Boatswain M.J. Seibert, Boatswain W.A. Devine.


Standing, left to right: Boatswain E.R. Harris, Machinist H.Y. Clements, Boatswain J.J. Desmond, Boatswain T.A. Bratz (Inset) Bosín. Harry E. Sutter, USCG, QM Department.



1.†††††† Administration Department

Sitting, left to right (front row): First Lieut. Ralph S. Johansen, Engr. Res.; Captain George F. Bohn, Inf. Res.; First Lieut. Kenneth W. Mosher, Air Res.; Mrs. Emily K. Rasmussen, Civilian Employee; Captain George L. Dubord, A.G. Res.; First Lieut. Stanley D. Lewis, C.A. Res.; Warrant Officer Walter A. Devine, U.S. C.G.


Standing, left to right (back row): Civilian Employees Ė John Boris, Guy F. Lovecchio, Howard E. Olson, Walter E. Griffith, Evan E. Augustine, Donald G. Fooks, Robert McCoy, Lawrence L. Hanson, Patrick J. Garrity, Mario Rigolo, Edward C. Pelshaw, Wayne J. Morse.


2.†††††† Finance Department

Standing: Ray Grantstrom, Clerk; Clarence Barry, Clerk; Howard Mason, Clerk; James Colfer, Clerk; Corp. Souders, Chief Clerk; Harold Laudenslager, Principal Clerk, CCC Payrolls; Harold Losby, Clerk; Ray Beggs, Paul Bettendorf, Principal Clerk, Pay and Allowance.


Seated: Ethel Slayton, Clerk; Mary Miller, Principal Clerk, Commercial Accounts; Marion Pipenbrink, Clerk; Margaret Davis, Clerk; Lieut. H.J. Markle, Fin. Res., Assít Finance Officer; Capt. D.H. Passell, Fin. Res., Finance Officer; Thelma Montoure, Clerk; Charlotte Hartman, Principal Clerk, Administrative Dept.; Violet McDonald, Clerk; Jennie Hitchcock, Clerk.


3.†††††† Q-M Department


Front Row: Mr. Maloney, Civilian, Chief Clerk, Quartermaster; Henry C. Clemens, Warrant Officer, U.S.C.G. Purchasing and Contracting Office; First Lieut. Harvey B. Schell, Q.M. Res., Construction Department; Capt. Glen E. Hofton, C.A. Res., Construction Officer; First Lieut. James C. Conine, Inf. Res. Purchasing and Contracting Officer; First Lieut. Shirley G. Blencoe, Sig. Res. Assistant Signal Officer; Mr. Stevenson, Civilian, Construction Department.


Second Row: Civilian Employees Ė Bernadette Schmitz, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Della Yotti, Construction Department; Myrtle Batzel, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Marie Wandschneider, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Florence Larson, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Janet Clapp, Fiscal Department; Pauline Ruetten, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Zelda Wilkinson, Fiscal Department; Edith Winterfeld, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Emma Richards, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Effie Kellar, Fiscal Department; Frances Evans, Fiscal Department; Moleta Williams, Mailing Department, Quartermaster; Freeda Hering, Purchasing and Contracting Office.


Third Row: Civilian Employees- Dudley Gordon, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Gerhard Meyer, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Wayde Brom, Purchasing and Contracting Office; Harold Moum, Construction Department; Elmer Wright, Signal Department; Joe Hudson, Mailing Department, Quartermaster; Nick Klopatek, Mailing Department, Quartermaster.


4.†††††† Sales, Subsistence and Transportation Departments


Sitting, right to left, front row: Civilian Employees Ė Mr. Kaehler, Mr. Triatek, Mr. Hoffman, Boatswain A.C. Cornell, United States Coast Guard, Subsistence Officer; Miss Figgie, Civilian Employee; Lieutenant H.J. Taylor, Quartermaster Reserve, Sales Officer and Transportation Officer; Mr. Reilly, Transportation Department; Mr. Mienke, Mr. Bradley, Civilian Employees.


Standing, right to left, back row: Civilian Employees Ė Mr. Haugen, Mr. Meir, Mr. Padavich, Mr. Hayes, Transportation Department; Mr. Wolak, Mr. Miller, Mr. Orth.


5.†††††† Property Section


First Row: Civilian Employees, Office-Mr. McKinzie, Mr. Moe, Miss Shinnick. Bosín M.J. Siebert, U.S.C.G. Assistant Supply Officer; Bosín J.J. Desmond, U.S.C.G., Assistant Supply Officer; First Lieut. F.S. Harbridge, Cav. Res., District Supply Officer; Firt Lieut. T.E. Andeerson, M.A. Res., Assistant Supply Officer; Gunner R.L. Addy, U.S.C.G. Assistant Supply Officer; Mechanic H.M. Davis, U.S.C.G., Assistant Supply Officer; Miss Rice, Mr. Will, Mr. Torvick, Civilian Employees, Office.


Second Row: left to right: Civilian Employees Warehouse Ė Mr. Saley, Mr. Lakey, Mr. John, Mr. Butler, Mr. Nestler, Mr. Dudley, Mr. Heeg, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Walters, Mr. Ronowski, Mr. Fenney, Mr. Bollig, Mr. Bula.


Third Row: left to right: Civilian Employees, Warehouse, Mr. Kuklovsky, Mr. Kollath, Mr. Mlodzik, Mr. Wolfgram, Mr. Rybicki, Mr. Marini, Mr. Guilliagan, Mr. Benedict, Mr. Searles, Mr. Hanratty.


6.†††††† Motor Transportation and Utilities Departments


Front Row: left to right: Walter Paulson, Utilities Truck Driver; George Alvey, Truck Driver; Willima Eckert, Mail-Truck Driver; Raymond Williamson, Janitor-Adjutantís Office; Charles Thomas, Official Car Driver; Russell Turner, Assít Mechanic; Wesley Sunday, Generator Mechanic; Mitchell Putman, Assít Mechanic.


Second Row, left to right: Douglas Heath, Clerk; Robert Blankenburg, Clerk; Paul Luhrsen, Mechanic; John Butler, Acting Shop Foreman; Edward R. Harris, Bosín. U.S.C.G., M.T. Salvage Officer; Capt. Raymond E. Porter, Air Res., Motor Transportation Officer; First Lieut. John W. Hyope, F.A. Res., Assít Motor Trans. Officer; Hubert W. Winebrenner, Senior Dispatcher, (Chief Clerk); Jacob Spreuer, Junior Dispatcher; Charles Shultenover, Janitor, Finance Office.


Third Row, left to right:: Walter Seidleman, Assít Mechanic; Charles Murray, Official Car Driver; Willard Putman, Stockroom Clerk; Charles Putman, Assít Mechanic; Harry Neas, Official Car Driver; Herman Frank, Official Car Driver; Raymond Kokott, Generator and Saw Rig Mechanic; Floyd McDougal, Utilities Mechanic; Jay Steinmetz, Clerk; Bernard Coshenet, Junior Dispatcher; Theron Griffith, Assít Mechanic.


Last Row, left to right: Chester Rutell, Truck Driver; Carl Reinhardt, Truck Driver; Ellis Gies, Assít Mechanic; William Smith, Electrician; Joseph Fernholz, Truck Driver; Donald Enger, Truck Driver; Marvin Robinson, Truck Driver; George Haugen, Assít Mechanic; Oswald Hagen, Assít Mechanic; Vernon Johnson, Truck Driver.


7.†††††† District Surgeonís Office


Front Row, left to right: First Lieut. Arthur H. Kopp, M.A. Res., District Medical Supply Officer; Major Sidney M. Roberts, Med. Res., District Surgeon; Captain Buell S. Law, Vet. Res., District Veterinarian; First Lieut. Joseph R. Stone, Med. Res.


Back Row, left to right: Ezra E. Davis, Civilian Clerk, Charles W. Bullington, Civilian Clerk.


Missing: First Lieut. Alexander J. Javois, Med. Res., Assistant District Surgeon; Captain Arthur J. Currie, Vet. Res. Assistant Veterinarian; First Lieut. Willard R. Merchant, Vet. Res., Assistant Veterinarian; William C. Sommermeyer, Civilian Clerk; Robert M. Avery, Civilian Clerk.


1937 Roster of Company 601, SCS-17, West Salem, Wisconsin

Company 601 1937 History, SCS-17, West Salem, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 604, F-34, Blackwell, Wisconsin

Company 604 1937 History, F-34, Blackwell, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 606, F-40, Florence, Wisconsin

Company 606 1937 History, F-40, Florence, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 626, S-53, Danbury, Wisconsin

Company 626 1937 History, S-53, Danbury, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 629, S-77, Brule, Wisconsin

Company 629 1937 History, S-77, Brule, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 633, SP-13, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Company 633 1937 History, SP-13, St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 640, F-42, Drummond, Wisconsin

Company 640 1937 History, F-42, Drummond, Wisconsin

1937 Roster of Company 642, F-3, Fifield, Wisconsin

Company 642 1937 History, F-3, Fifield, Wisconsin

Disbanded Companies

Company 602 History, CCC Co. 602, Webster, Washington & Camp Sciad, California & Camp Lightning Creek, Clarks Fork, Idaho & Camp Double Bend, Camp F-41, Newald, Wisconsin

Company 641 History, CCC Co. 641, Camp Nine Mile, Camp F-2, Eagle River, Wisconsin

Company 650 History, CCC Co. 650 aka CCC Co 650-C, Gilmaton, Wisconsin & Camp Star Lake, Star Lake, Wisconsin

Company 1603 History, Camp Mondeaux River, Camp F-18-Wis., Westboro, Wisconsin

Company 1655 History, Camp Mist, Mist, Oregon & & Camp Tuna Canyon, Camp F-223, Tujunja, California & Camp Pine Creek, Camp F-143, Pierce, Idaho & Jaype, Idaho & Camp Sisar Canyon, Camp

F-112, Santa Paula, California & Camp Palouse River, Harvard, Idaho & Camp Himley Lake, Wabeno, Wisconsin

Company 3629 History, Camp Crivitz, Camp S-104-Wis., Crivitz, Wisconsin

Company 3660 History, Camp Ghost Creek, Camp F-14-Wis., Hayward, Wisconsin

Company 3648 History, Camp Peninsular, Camp SP-10-Wis., Fish Creek, Wisconsin

Company 1697 History, North Bend, WI & Long Lake, WI & Camp Coon Valley, Camp SCS-1-Wis., Coon Valley, Wisconsin

Company 2606 History, Camp Marshall, Marshall, IL & Camp Perrot, Camp SP-16-Wis., Perrot State Park, Coon Valley, Wisconsin

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