Biography of Norvin T. Bickers

Enrollee, Company 561, Camp F-17, Glenburn, California & Camp F-124, Naples, Idaho & Camp SCS-5 in Walton, Kentucky

   Norvin T. Bickers was born in Sparta, KY. in 1917. (He died in 1972.) He enrolled at Camp SCS-5 in Walton, KY. on April 9, 1934. He was assigned to Company 561. After a brief orientation at Ft. Knox, KY, his first assignment was at Camp F-17 in Glenburn, CA, arriving April 19, 1934. He left there on April 25, 1934 and was assigned to Camp F-124 at Naples, ID. Evidently he sustained injuries in fighting forest fires and he was hospitalized at the Ft. Geo. Wright Station Hospital, Spokane, WA (Sept. 13-Oct. 14, 1934). He returned to Naples, but was sent to Camp F-17 at Glenburn, CA on Oct. 29, 1934, where he was a night guard until his discharge there on Feb. 24, 1935. He returned to his native Kentucky, ending his first CCC enlistment of 11 months. His was a laborer and had K. P. duty at Naples, ID.

   I assume he was in Kentucky from February, 1934 to August, 1935.

   His second CCC enlistment of 1 year and 11 months began Aug. l8, 1935 at Camp SCS-5, Walton, KY until his discharge there on July 12, 1937. He was a laborer. He married my mother, Kathryne Fay Kelly, on July 10, 1937, being discharged "to accept employment." Thus, he served in the CCC about 34 months total. I have his two original CCC Discharge Certificates.

   If anyone has the history of any of the CCC camps mentioned or a roster of men in them at the dates noted, please contact me. One mystery is the name of Dad's friend who died as a result of serious burns in a forest fire they fought in northern Idaho about Sept. 12, 1934.

   As a student of history, I applaud all the men who worked in the CCC!

   A CCC Desendant,

   Bob Bickers


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