Biography of Paul Davison

Enrollee, Hamilton, Ohio

   My name is Paul Davison. I am now 87 yrs of age, born in Jefferson Co. Ohio in 1916. I was 19 yrs old and enlisted in Lisbon Ohio in 1935. I was sent to Clevland, Ohio, then down to Hamilton, Ohio. We lived in tents, 10 to a tent. We had a ditch in the woods for a latrine until they installed a septic tank, shower room and running water.

   The kitchen was an outside kitchen with a canvas over the top with large kettles. This went on until Nov., we then got permanent baracks.

   Our job was concerning erosion. We planted trees to stop erosion on the hillsides. We made semi-circles (ditches) around the hill every 50 ft. apart. We planted hay in every other one. The farmer would plant whatever he wanted in the other 50 ft. We rode trucks with canvas top, about 10 to the truck plus the driver. We worked between 6-7 hrs. plus traveling time. Our captain's name was Bradley Combs. Other members of our group was Phillip Dobbins from E. Liverpool, Ohio, Red Delguardri from Youngstown, Ohio, Edward Sharp from Hamilton, Ohio and Chester Wyzykowski of New York.

   My job was laying stone for dams, 4 to 6 ft. high. One day in the outside kitchen, two cooks was passing a bar of GI soap. It got away from one of the cooks and fell into one of the deep kettles cooking on the fire. They couldn’t get it out fast enough. The fellows ran into the woods almost all night, leaving their underwear hanging in the tree limbs.

   I did a lot of sewing. We were issued WW1 pants. They had about 12 in. bottoms. I would open up the seam to the knee, set a piece in to make them larger bottoms. For this I received $.75 including material and pressing. Some of the fellows put their pants between sheets of cardboard under the mattress to press.

   Hope this will give you another story on the CCC, to my recollection..

----- Paul Davison


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