Biography of Harold Claude Osborn

and Fred Wesley Osborn

Enrollees, Company 1761, Camp SCS-4, Walla Walla, Washington

Harold, Soldier US Army

   My Father, Harold Claude Osborn, of Thayer Kansas, and his brother, Fred Wesley Osborn, left the farm to join the CCC at Fort Riley, Kansas. They ended up on a cattle car in December, going to Walla Walla, Washington, to work on project #SCS 4 as members of Company 1761. This project was just 5-miles east of Walla Walla.

Harold Osborn

   My Dad and his Brother constructed the two monuments which flanked the entrance to the camp

Harold Osborn in front of monument built by him and his brother Fred, April 1, 1936

   As they put the monument together, Harold worked on the outside and Fred worked on the inside. When they got near the top they realized that Fred couldn't get out..... so they removed some of the stones from the front, so that Fred could get out, and they then cemented the area back in, and used it for the placemant of the information sign. The next monument, on the other side of the entrance road was done the same way, on purpose.

   As of 9\6\2003, only one monument still exists at the site, and the department of agriculture sign (on top) is gone, and the information plaque is gone. (might be in the Walla Walla Museum).

Harold C Osborn and CCC Truck, August 28, 1938, Spokane, Washington

   Fred Osborn returned to Thayer Kansas, after about six months, and Harold Osborn remained... Met Clara Benzel of Walla Walla, Washington.... married in 1939, Started Driving for Freightways.

Harold C Osborn's United States Army Motor Vehicle Operator's Permit, issued on July 25, 1938 by 1st Lieutenant Jesse D. Bell, Infantry Reserve, Transport Officer for Company 1761, for USA vehicle 5959 or other. The notation indicates that Mr. Osborn drove 32,593 miles.

   Both worked later, in the shipyards (Portland Ore) welding liberty ships and landing craft, until Harold went into the Army.

   There are a lot more details in his history, but would not be relevant to the CCC's

   Harold Osborn is still living.... In Yucaipa, Calif. Fred Osborn recently died in Thayer, Kansas.



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