Biography of Walter J. Saurack (Walter Sawczak)

CCC Man, Company 1290, Camp 212, Lewiston Idaho

U.S. Army Auxiliary Military Police

   According to his Certificate of Discharge, my father enrolled in the Civilian Conservation Corps on May 16, 1933 at Plattsburg, NY. He was born in West Rutland, Vermont and enrolled at the age of 20.

   His paper show his service record as:

from 5/19/33 to 6/22/33 at Plattsburg, NY for conditioning;

from 6/23/33 to 6/27/33 enroute;

from 6/28/33 to 10/5/33 at Camp P 212, White Pine Crew, Lewiston, Idaho,

performing blister rust control;

from 10/9/33 to 10/11/33 awaited discharge, Camp Dix, New Jersey; and

on 10/11/33 discharged at Camp Dix and transportation to Troy, NY

   His manner of performance during his service was described as excellent.

   His mother, Catherine Saurack, 660 4th Street, Troy, NY is listed as "allottee" $25.00.

   In addition to my dad's discharge papers, I have in my possession a hand cloth company banner with the following hand inscription on the front:



Clearwater County


C.C.C. CO. 1290

   Inside the year 1933 on the banner, is a triangle. There is a pine tree within the triangle and the inscription U.S. CCC. This is likely symbolic of the company's task of controlling blister rust which threatened western pine forests of the national parks. I do recall his superior ability in using an ax.

   The back of the banner is signed by the following members of the company:

Les. Terry, Whitehall, N.Y.

Celon Babcock, Dansville, N.Y., R.F.D. 2

Stanley Fish, Hudson Falls, NY

Pete Wells, Ticonderoga, NY

Clift Marns, Whitehall, NY

Larry Marceeu, 315 Adams Ave., ??? NY

Geo. Graham, Crown Point, NY

Bernard Barry, Syracuse, NY

Ambrose Karp, Bigelow Ave., Amsterdam, NY

Lynn S. Harrow or Lynn Sharrow, Mineville, NY

John, Flynn, Rochester, NY

John Rozicki, 475 2nd Street, Troy, NY

Kenneth L????, North Lawrence, RFD, NY

   While at the CCC camp in Idaho, my mother (Jane Tanski Saurack) wrote letters to my father to keep him aware of the news back home. She knew him because my dad's sister was married to my mom's brother. In 1935, they were married and lived on Stow Ave. in South Troy, NY until 1957 before moving to Latham, NY. They raised two children Mary Ann Kowaleski and Walter E. Saurack.

   Dad worked for Niagara Mohawk Power Corp., from 1940 to 1975 when he retired from the service department. In 1943, he was enrolled as a member of the U.S. Army Auxiliary Military Police as a plant guard at the "coke plant" in South Troy that was taken over by Niagara Mohawk in 1951. He died in 1990 at the age of 76.



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